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We're a small design and development studio who loves creating engaging casual learning apps for the iPhone and iPad. We have more than twenty years of technical and graphic design experience and have focused for the past two years on exploring the exciting opportunities presented by mobile devices and tablets. More than the products themselves, we are fascinated how these tools are vehicles for transformation. They integrate with and impact modern life-- education, family life, social connections, brand relationships, play. So whatever the goal of an application is-- a utility, book, reference or game, we strive to take fantastic content and create a friendly, effective, beautiful interface and user experience.

Experts Agree about Visual Math

Kids love Visual Math. It's easy to use, challenging to master and rewarding to play! Educators and parents are appreciating what Visual Math offers:
"As an Educational Therapist, I appreciate the engaging graphics and sound to teach and reinforce the math standards. The "hints" provide more concrete examples, and the auditory overlay allow children to learn independently. The Badge Maker component brings out the artist in not only the children, but the parent too! This is an application that, while geared towards the visual learner, is wonderful for auditory and tactile learners too!"
Lori Dver, Educational Therapist
Pasadena, California

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NEW! Moonlight Hide and Seek

Colorfully and creatively illustrated app to make basic Common Core Kindergarten math skills fun to learn; and there's the added benefit of learning about nature's nocturnal creatures which will delight your child!
Ages 4 -8

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