Be More Expressive In Messages!

UrFace - angry faceUntil recently, expressing ones range of emotions via text and email was only available through the use of the same standard smiley face, limiting personalization. UrFace, however, allows people to replace those emoticons with images of their own face and store them for continued use. Thanks to the collaboration with developers at Weily Apps, UrFace can be used through email, MMS, and SMS. In future updates, it will also be compatible with Facebook status posts.

Convey How You Really Feel.

UrFace - surprised emoticon"Emoticons and smileys are used in emails and texts by people all over the world. They've become the standard for providing emotional context in an electronic message," said UrFace Founder Josh Flaum. "Our goal was to enhance the messaging process by making it more entertaining. And what better way than to use your own face?"

UrFace is compatible with the Apple platform only and is now available to download via iTunes for 99 cents.

Download UrFace in the iTunes App Store!

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